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Automatic wire coil cioling and strapping machine

Automatic wire winding and binding machine---horizontal

Our FHOPE GROUP is committed to providing a comprehensive packaging solution for your production. It can provide a fully automatic winding and bundling function machine; a fully automatic winding and winding function machine; or a collection and winding winding function according to customer requirements. Packing Machine. Customers can also choose between two types of automatic packaging lines, online and offline, depending on the packaging needs. FHOPEPACK provides practical packaging solutions for the packaging industry. The team is committed to the development and research of innovative, cost-effective packaging products. Packaging products address packaging issues such as loose, irregular, and the like. Our sales team, equipment maintenance team, customer team and engineering department are always ready to help you solve all the problems in the packaging process. The machine is completely in strict accordance with CE guidelines, and uses the latest and most advanced technology to complete the design and production tasks of the machine.
Machine overview:
1: meter measuring device:
With the upper and lower wheels, the length is recorded accurately on the encoder in centimeters. The upper and lower wheels are made of aluminum alloy material. The upper wheel is sprayed with ceramics to maintain the hardness during the process. The lower wheel is covered with super glue to prevent damage to the wires. One-way bearings are installed to prevent the wires from being inverted.
2. Winding station:
 The air pressure automatically starts and controls the winding and retracting of the wire, automatically opening and closing, automatically stopping the winding when the preset length is reached, and then the winding head automatically opens.
3. Rocker arm:
Computer program control, servo motor motor drive.
4. Automatically cut off:
The door cutter automatically cuts the line when the coil reaches a preset length. The tool is made of special steel material and vacuum heat treatment for high hardness and long life.
5. Control system: man-machine interface, touch screen operation. The central computer system controls winding speed, coil length, alarm, speed adjustment, indicators, emergency stop and reset. The coil length, wire diameter, and line speed can be changed while the machine is running.
Basic Features:
 Electronic eye strapping.
 Computer program control automatic strapping.
 Different coils can be automatically positioned.
 Different coils can be automatically tension adjusted.
 Automatically connected to the winder.
 Conical roller with lifting function.
 3-6 at many places.
Bundling technical parameters:
Strapping width: 8mm
Strapping thickness: 0.8 mm
Strapping method: Polyester
Strapping effect: Smooth /High quality Patent strap
Connector method: By friction - vibration
Connector position: The strapping is performed in the front part of the wire coil.
Connector power: Approx. 75-80% of the breaking load of the strap (mentioned quality).
Remarks: This device includes a PP belt retracting and flattening device for accumulating PP belts. The movable wheel tracks the feed rate and signal of the rack.




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