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Automatic winder FCL-S1600

This is an automatic winder and strapping machine for vertical winding and bundling, such as tube coils, hose coils, etc. After coiling and bundling, the tube coils are well shaped. The machine saves labor and increases productivity, plays a key role in your production process and is very popular in the modern packaging industry.
Automated pipe winding and strapping machines are CE compliant and are designed with the latest technology and industrial design standards. We offer you packaging solutions for the pipeline industry.
Product specifications
The standard configuration is listed below. For other configurations, please contact our sales representative.
The machine should be installed on a flat, hard floor with a load of more than 1 ton / square meter.
Packaging process:
A. Pipe from the extruder/spool through the tensioner and counter
B. Automatically send the pipeline to the take-up station.
C. The pipe head is clamped and rotated for winding
D. Automatic layering and coil making.
E. Automatically cut the pipe when the pipe length reaches the set value.
F. Automatic film feeding and packaging.
G. Packaging completed and cut the movie
H. Introduce the wound coil.
Basic features of the tube winding machine
Connect to the extruder online.
Powerful drive for large and hard pipe winding.
Adjustable take-up arm based on ID and width
PLC and HMI control system for automatic operation.
Two working modes: automatic and manual.
Tension control for pipe feed for tight winding.
The parameters can be set in the PLC program.
Calculate the length of the pipe and automatically cut the pipe.
Automatic winding system.
Automatic alarm system when a fault occurs.
The position of the pipe is automatically detected by the sensor.
The speed can be adjusted by the frequency converter.
Pipe feeders are used with automatic displacers.
Winding the pipe coil in an orderly manner.
The pneumatic pusher discharges the tube coil.
Hydraulic cutting machine for cutting powerful pipes
Technical data:
Pipe diameter Φ30-65mm
Tube coil inner diameter 500-1200mm
Tube coil outer diameter 900-1600mm
Tube coil width 200-400mm
Tube coil weight 3-50kg
Coil feed mode Keep coil type
Counter 30-100meters
Winding speed maximum. 100m/min
Strap position 3 belt
Packaging material PP:
 Width: 10-16mm Thickness: 20-40micron
Power supply voltage AC 380V, 50HZ, 3-phase 5-wire




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